Who is Ty Warner?
Why is he so famous and what has he been up too for the last few years?


Please be advised that this page will continually be updated.

Ty Warner is the World Famous creator of Beanie Babies, Beanie Buddies, Pillow Pals and Attic Treasures.
As a young man Warner attended St. John's Military Academy in Wisconsin. He was very active in sports and received high marks in academics.
After graduating from the Military Academy, Warner attended Kalamazoo College in Michigan, where he studied drama.
After graduating from Kalamazoo, Warner tried his hand at different occupations, none, which appealed to him.
Warner finally found his niche and landed a job with the Dakin Company as a sales representative. In his 18 year stay he became familiar with the product lines and the business. He used his education and smart business sense to become the best he could be.
After leaving the Dakin Company Warner took a hiatus to experience life and refocus on what direction he would choose next.

Ty designed plush styles only to be sold to small gift stores. Warner's first designed Plush piece would be a Himalayan cat.

In late 1993 Ty would introduce the original nine Beanie Babies at a Gift Show. They included the following styles.
Chocolate the moose
Cubbie the bear
Flash the dolphin
Legs the frog
Patti the platypus
Pinchers the lobster
Splash the whale
Spot the dog
Squealer the pig
These Beanies would be released with a first generation tag.
These Beanies would go on to be his signature for quality and reasonably priced toys in the market place.
Beanie Babies first debuted in stores in 1994 and would take a while before their popularity would catch on.

Generation # 1 TAG
This tag is a single heart tag, which does not open. The heart on the tag is red in color trimmed with a fine gold foil. The back of the tag displays the Beanies name and style number, there is no poem on the first generation tags. The ty letters are slim lines in style.
(Not chunky letters like with future generation tags). The tush tag is black and white and has the year 1993 on it.

Mid 1994 - Early 1995 Ty would release a 2nd generation tag.
Generation # 2 TAG
Ty releases their first double heart tag. This tag was used from late 1994 to mid 1995.
This tag is perfect for gift giving. The tag includes a To and From space, which can be filled in by the giver. The front appearance of the tag remains the same as the first generation tags. The tush tag ink is black with the year 1993 but no Beanie names appears on the tush tag.

In 1995 Warner would spark interest in his Beanie Baby line by introducing newer styles to include Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant.
The Ty Company would now be incorporated and launch to levels unforeseen.

Mid 1995 - Early 1996 Ty would release the 3rd generation tag.
Generation # 3 TAG
The third generation tag was used from mid 1995 to early 1996. The front appearance of the tag changes slightly. Ty is (ty) in a chunkier font. The tag is a double fold tag and now includes the locations of Ty's offices in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom. The tag also contains the title "Beanie Babies Collection". The tush tag date has been changed to read 1995 and now displays a small red heart. The tush tag lettering is now in red ink. There is no Beanie name on the tush tag.

June 1996
Ty's first official retirement.
Bumble, Rex, Flutter, Bronty and Caw.

Ty would release the 4th generation hangtag in early 1996 - late 1997
Generation # 4 TAG
The forth generation tush tag was used from early 1996 to fall of 1997. The front of the tag has changed considerable. The gold star, with the words Beanie Baby original make their appearance. The font style on (ty) on the tag remains the same, while the (y) on the tag appears to be lower than on the other generation tags. The ty letters are no longer outlined in gold. The To and From on the tag have now been replaced by a Beanie poem. The Beanies also have birthdays. Ty displays their website address www.ty.com The tush tag have undergone a major change. The color of the tag has changed to white with red print and also displays a red star, the tush tag also includes the Beanies name.

January 1997
Ty retirees for the second time.
Say goodbye to the following popular Beanies.
Libearty the bear, Lefty the donkey, Righty the elephant, Tusk the walrus, Sting the stingray, Chops the lamb, Tabasco the bull, Coral the fish and Kiwi the toucan.
Welcome the following new Beanies.
Fleece the lamb, Crunch the shark, Pouch the kangaroo, Mel the koala, Nuts the squirrel, Floppity the lavender Bunny, Hoppity the pink bunny, Hippity the mint bunny, Doby the Doberman, Bernie the St. Bernard, Snip the Siamese cat, Gracie the swan and Snort the bull.

February & March 1997
Ty's January retirement has sparked worldwide interest in their Beanie Babies. Retailers' phones all over the country are ringing off the hook. Collectors are desperately trying to locate recent retirees.

April 1997
Ty and McDonalds team up for the largest promotion McDonalds has ever seen. Teenie Beanies have been released. The promotion began on April 11, l997. 100 million Teenie Beanie were made. The following ten miniature animals were made.
Patti the platypus, Pinky the flamingo, Chops the lamb, Chocolate the moose, Goldie the goldfish, Speedy the turtle, Seamore the seal, Snort the bull, Quacks the duck and Lizz the lizard.

May 1997
Mother's Day offered a special announcement from Ty, Inc.
The following Beanies bid a farewell.
Bubbles, Digger, Flash, Garcia, Manny, Radar, Sparky and Splash.
The following new releases are now being offered.
Roary the lion, Doodle the rooster, Baldy the eagle, Blizzard the snow tiger, Jolly the walrus, Nanook the husky, Tuffy the terrier, Dotty the dalmation, Pugsly the pug, Chip the cat, Claude the cat, Peace the bear, Echo the dolphin and Waves the whale.

June 1997
Maple - U.S. Customs problems still continue. Ty has had to request customs to watch for fakes. Fake Maples showing up with incorrect printing on tush tag or no tush tag at all. Maple continues to be hard to locate in Canada.

July 1997
Ty has established a hotline number for collectors. Let your fingers be your guide. Dial 1-888-628-6111, provide your zip code and you will receive five locations in your area that carry Beanie Babies.
Claude starts showing up in stores with a new look. Claudes first tag was as follows:
Claude style 4083 - New Look - CLAUDE style 4083

August 1997
The UPS Strike in August of 1997 posed difficult situations for Ty and collectors. UPS was Ty's primary shipper.
Doodle's name has been changed to Strut.
Ty's Attic Collectibles are gaining attention. The cute large and smaller Attic Collectibles are finally being noticed as a true collectible.

September 1997
Collectors are anticipating a Ty retirement.
Beanie World Magazine hits the market.
The Ty nursery and diary are very active. Blizzard leaves hints about up coming retirement.
September 30, 1997 The Big Announcement. Ty has another retirement and new releases of Beanies.
We said goodbye to the following Beanies:
Teddy, Speedy, Seamore, Hoot, Legs, Flip, Bessie, Tank, Ally, Spot and Velvet.
New releases are as follows:
Spinner the spider, Batty the bat, Gobbles the turkey, Snowball the snowman and 1997 Teddy the holiday bear.

Ty would introduce the 5th generation hangtag in late 1997
Generation # 5 TAG
The fifth generation tag was released in the fall of 1997 The tag has a change. The birth dates are now written out and are no longer in numeric form.

October 1997
Ty's Big announcement is over, but maybe not! Hints are being dropped about another surprise. Batty the bat is up to something. Batty keeps referring to a big secret. Collectors are anticipating a special Beanie.
Ty surprised the Beanie community by releasing Princess. Princess is a beautiful purple Beanie made to honor of Princess Diana, Princess of Wales.
Website owners ban together to protect Princess from the secondary market. Website owners are not allowing Princess to be sold on their page auction boards or trading post.
Many worthwhile charities are being supported by Ty and collectors with the use of Beanies.

November 1997
The secondary market is gaining popularity.
Talk and rumors are being generated about a possible December retirement.
Collectors and retailers are awaiting the arrival of Princess in stores.
Rumors of Red Pinky.
Princess is already pre-selling on the Internet!

December 1997
Princess announcement in Ty's dairy. Princess is having a News Year's Eve Party and indicates that new friends will be attending.
Rumors run wild as everyone tries to guess who the new Beanies can be.
Rainbow, Peach and Iggy are some of the anticipated releases.
Counterfeit Grunts found at O'Hare Airport.
12-31-97 Ty masterminds a great News Year's Eve Party!
We once again said goodbye to Beanies and welcomed new releases.
The new Beanies now entering the line-up are as follows:
Bruno the terrier, Hissy the snake, Iggy the Iguanna, Pounce the cat, Prance the cat, Puffer the Puffin, Rainbow the chameleon, Smoochy the frog, Spunky the cocker spaniel, Stretch the ostrich and Britannia the bear.
Ty's Britannia is a UK exclusive.
Retired New Year's Eve Beanies are as follows:
Bucky the beaver, Lizzy the lizard, Magic the dragon, Spooky the ghost, Cubbie the bear, Goldie the goldfish, Snowball the snowman, 1997 Teddy and Nip the cat.

January 1998
Ty's retailers confused about backorders. Many reports indicated that as of January 1, l998 Ty would be canceling all orders in their systems. Many stores still report that backorders were being shipped and current retired pieces were still showing up.
Rumors of counterfeit Kiwi and Chops showing up.
The bunny trio is displaying a new tag error. The word original is now being spelt (Origiinal)
Princess is starting to show up in more locations. Many retailers are still only receiving a small quantity, this has forced them to raffle Princess in order to be fair to their customers.
The Iggy and Rainbow controversy. Are their tags switched or are the materials wrong?
Derby gets a new look. The new redesigned Deby has a white star or diamond on its forehead.
Mystic also gets a new look. The new designed Mystic now has a shinny iridescent horn, which is also longer than the old horn.
Rumors of Ty canceling accounts.
Rumors of the return of Teenie Beanies.
Rumors of a Princess tag change. PVC versus PE??
Reports are surfacing about K-Mart packaging Beanies with a diamond pendant for Valentines Day.
Valentino is showing up with the word original spelt as follows (Origiinal).
Beanies are showing up at military bases in Germany.
Service Merchandise is offering an earring and Beanie combo for Valentines Day.
Ty releases a statement on their website - www.ty.com about K-Mart and the possibility of fake Beanies being sold with their Valentines special.
Follow the rainbow - Ty releases Erin the green bear.
Curly and Peace are showing up with the word original spelled wrong (Origiinal)
Rumors of fake Princesses are surfacing all over the country. Many reports indicate a color change and a poor imitation of the hangtag.

February 1998
Many retailers are concerned about the amount of Princess being shipped. Retailers are only receiving 12 Princesses in their orders, while other retailers have yet to see Princess.
The hunt is on for Erin the green bear with the shamrock on it's chest. Collectors worried about the secondary market taking advantage of this bear.
Daily reports are surfacing about Beanie Baby crimes.
Ty appears at the American International Toy Fair in New York.
Canadian and US customs are taking control at the borders. Ty, Inc. is trying to put a stop to fake Beanies crossing the borders.
Blackie the black bear is showing up with the word original misspelled (origiinal)
Princess tag change. Princess is no longer being made with PVC pellets, she now is being made with PE pellets. Rumor and speculation about the cost of the generation or variation tag.
Princesses being shipped to England are made in Indonesia. Princesses being made for Canada and the U.S. are being made in China.
Retailers are receiving letters from Ty, Inc. about termination of accounts. Retailers are confused and have no explanation why their accounts have been canceled.
Ty makes personnel changes. Rumors of a new appointed President and Vice President.
Rumors of 1998 Teenie Beanies are slowly surfacing.
Rumors of Britannia to ship in March.
Ty send retailers newsletter and guidelines. Beanies should be sold somewhere around $5.00 - Princess and Erin should be stocked on shelves and be sold at the same $5.00 amount.
Television shopping clubs are jumping on the bandwagon and selling Beanies on the secondary market.
Ty issues a temporary restraining order against K-Mart. K-Mart had been offering a Ty Beanie Baby with a diamond pendant for Valentines Day. Ty did not have an agreement with K-Mart for this promotion.
K-Mart has halted their national Valentines Day promotion.
Ty and Cyrk enter into a partnership agreement. This agreement will allow Cyrk to distribute Ty' Beanie Babies Official Club Kits. Cyrk will distribute approx. 24 million kits. Ty Warner invested l0 million dollars to show his confidence in Cyrk's abilities.
February 19, l998 McDonalds Press Release - 12 New Teenie Beanies will be offered.
Rumors of a shake-up at Ty, Inc. New personnel being replaced for terminating good Ty accounts.
Retailers and collectors are expecting a shortage of Beanies Babies. If past history repeats it's self, when Teenie Beanies are released, Beanies become few and far in between.
Nicole Bobek an Olympic athlete captured the attention of millions of viewers, when she proudly displayed an Erin on camera.

March 1998
Picture of a Teenie Beanie Doby surfaces.
Beanie crime on the rise.
Spinner shows up with a Creepy tush tag.
Ty changes and improves it's website.
Ty's Beanie Baby Kits are hitting the market.
Ty officially opens it's Beanie Baby Club website.
Collectors confused and upset about home shopping Ty shows selling Beanies.
12 Teenie Beanies have been confirmed. Doby, Bongo, Twigs, Inch, Pinchers, Happy, Mel, Scoop, Bones, Zip, Waddle and Peanut.
Rumors and reports surfacing more and more about fake Beanies. Fake Smoochy and Waves reported.
Reports of collectors being stopped at the border. Customs has tight restrictions on Beanies.

April 1998
Ty fools everyone on April Fool's Day. No New releases or retirees.
Ty announces next retirement will be May 1st. "Let the countdown begin."
The Beanie Baby Handbook by Les and Sue Fox hits # 2 on the New York Times.
Reports of thousands of fake Beanies being shipped from China.
Mass confusion about Princess raffles. Some states consider raffles illegal unless for an non-profit agency.
Rumors surfacing about a Mother's Day Bear. The speculation of this bear is suppose to resemble Romeo.
Beanie prices soaring out of control.
Ty, once again makes changes with Ty reps. It's reported that Ty will reduce or do away with Ty reps.
Ty's website announces a Newsflash on Ty's Pricing Philosophy. "Beanie Babies should be sold for around $5.00, Princess and Erin should be shelved and sold for the same price".
Beanie crime waves on the rise. Be careful and protect yourself and your Beanies from robbers.
To sticker or not to sticker? A new sticker is surfacing to cover up the word suface on the back of Ty tags.

Ty sets up Hot Line for counterfeits- 1-888-317-5489 if you suspect you have a Beanie counterfeit, please take the time and call this Hot Line.
Ty website experiencing problems with missing links and error messages.

May 1998
Exciting Day! Ty makes two big announcements.
Clubby the bear is now an exclusive piece, which can be purchased as a BBOC member.
Ty announces a new retirement. Don't look for new releases, they can't be found!
New retirees as of May 1, l998 Ty's Biggest Retirement EVER!
Twigs, Peanut, Quackers, Scottie, Weenie, Bones, Zip, Inch, Pinchers, Inky, Rover, Squealer, Lucky, Patti, Gracie, Waves, Stripes, Hippity, Ears, Blizzard, Baldy, Echo, Happy, Hoppity, Jolly, Waddle and Floppity.
Fake Erins showing up across the country.
Clubby mystery - What will this bear look like? Will it contain the BBOC logo? Clubby will cost $5.99 plus shipping.
Ty website News Flash - Ty will announce New Beanies on May 30, l998 12 Noon
Ty presents the Princess Fund with a check for $2,004,850.00. Ty, shows the world that they indeed honored Princess Diana with this gracious check, which represented Ty's profits for it's first quarter.
McDonalds promotion starts on May 21st. McDonalds sold l00 million Teenies last year. McDonalds will sell 240 million this year, will there be enough to go around?
Beanie crime and robbery's still on the rise.
Speculation of new releases. The plot thickens.
Ty Does It Again! 14 New Beanies to collect!
On May 30 Ty releases 14 New Beanies to add to your collection.
Ants the anteater, Jake the mallard duck, Early the robin, Kuku the cockatoo, Fetch the golden retriever, Rocket the bluejay, Fortune the panda, Stinger the scorpion, Gigi the poodle,, Tracker the basset hound, Glory the bear, Whisper the deer, Jabber the parrot and Wise the owl.

June 1998
Glory the bear is sure to be a huge hit. Retailers, collectors and the secondary market will be scrambling for this Beanie.
Beanie theft still on the rise. Articles are being written and published in newspapers or on The Internet concerning Beanie theft.
Clubby ordering certificates start arriving. Clubby's appearance still remains a mystery. HOPEFULLY the real Clubby will step forward soon.
Different Versions of Teenie Beanie tags have been spotted. # 1 Version has larger print with a stamped number. # 2 version has smaller print and scanned numbers.
Rainbow now has a tongue. Rainbow the chameleon which has been mistagged for sometime, now has a tongue.
Reports are surfacing about Maple being hard to find in Canada. Collectors and retailers look for ways to beat the border problems.
Fake Maples are showing up without the Canadian tush tag.
Many reports posted about Beanies being a risky business. Buyer Beware! In my opinion, Beanies are a safe collectible and can be enjoyed by all ages. Disregard any negative reports concerning Beanies as a collectible. How can a collectible that makes so many people happy, be all that bad? The investment potential can be questionable, but this is with any collectible.

July 1998
Rumors run wild on the Internet. Reports of Velvet with spots.
Ty announces Glory will appear at the ballpark. Baseball fans attending the 69th Annual MLB All Star Game of July 7th will receive a special gift, "Glory" will be given to all fans attending the event at Coors Field in Denver. Each fan will also receive a "Limited Edition" commemorative card honoring kids and youth baseball.
Ty's new Beanies start showing up on store shelves. Many retailers are requesting you form a line and take a number. While old Beanies can be found everywhere, collectors scramble to be one of the first to purchase new Beanies.
New Beanie publications to hit the stores in July, Beanie Power, Beanie Mania and The Beanie Update Trader.
North Carolina McDonalds Manager charged for stealing 700 Teenie Beanies.

It's not three strikes you're out! Ball games are becoming more popular than ever. Here is the following line-up where Beanies will be found at ball parks.
May 3 Chicago Cubs Daisy the cow
May 17 New York Yankees Valentino the bear
May 22 St. Louis Cardinals Stretch the ostrich
May 31 Detroit Tigers Stripes the tiger
May 31 Kansas City Royals Roary the lion
June 14 Arizona Diamondbacks Hissy the snake
July 7 Coors Field in Denver Glory the bear
July 12 Chicago White Sox Blizzard the snow white tiger
July 12 New York Mets Batty the bat
July 26 Tampa Bay Devil Rays Weenie the dachshund
August 1 Oakland Athletics Peanut the elephant
August 9 New York Yankees Stretch the ostrich
August 14 St. Louis Cardinals Smoocky the frog
August 16 Houston Astros Derby the horse
August 30 Detroit Tigers Stripes the tiger
September13 Chicago Cubs Gracie the swan

6th Generation Tag
A new Generation of tags start appearing on the market. The writing in the yellow stars appears to be slightly larger and in a different font.
Ty Europe Ltd. Has also been changed to Gasport Hampshire, U.K.

August 1998
ESPN Sports Zone features a section on Beanie Baseball giveaways.
August 3rd - The Boston Red Socks meet the Blue Jay Rockets. The first 12,000 fans under the age of 12 will receive a Ty "Rocket Beanie Baby.
August 4th Ty and the Texas Rangers present - "Pugsly" the beanie baby. Pugsly came with a commemorative card, which was given along with the Beanie.
8-11-98 Ty Newsflash - Dates for sporting events brought to you from Ty.
MLB St. Louis Cardinals - August 14 - Beanie giveaway - "Smoochy"
MLB San Diego Padres - August 14 - Beanie giveaway - Waves
WNBA Cleveland Rockers - August 15 - No Beanie name released - it will be a SURPRISE
MLB Cincinnati Reds - August 16 - Beanie giveaway - Rover
MLB Houston Astros - August 16 - Beanie giveaway - Derby
MLB Atlanta Braves - August 19 - Beanie giveaway - Chip
MLB New York Mets - August 22 - Beanie giveaway - Curly
MLB Tampa Bay Devil Rays - August 23 - Beanie giveaway - Pinky
MLB San Francisco - August 30 - Beanie giveaway - Tuffy

The following promotions will be offered in September:
MLB Oakland A's - September 6 - Peanut the elephant
NFL Dallas Cowboys - September 6 - Chocolate the moose
MLB Toronto Blue Jays - September 6 - Rocket the Blue Jay

August 13th - The Ty website now offers an online survey about Ty dealers.

September 1998
The Ty diary has everyone looking for something big to happen. Hints of a Ty announcement has collectors searching high and low!

9-1-98 BBOC Newsflash
Clubby has arrived!
As previously reported, Clubby was born in July! Clubby has now arrived and we are beginning to fulfill orders.
Please be patient, as it will take us approximately 6 weeks to process the orders. Do not be concerned, every club member who has ordered Clubby will receive Clubby!

9-15-98 Ty retires the following. Snort, Blackie and Daisy.
9-16-98 Ty retires Ringo
9-18-98 Ty retires Puffer and Bruno
9-19-98 Ty officially retires Spinner and Seaweed
9-20-98 Ty retires the following Attic's - Grace, Montgomery, Chelsea, Bearington, Precious, Prince, Squeaky, and Sire.
9-22-98 Ty retires Sly, Wrinkles and Bernie
9-24-98 Ty retires Crunch the shark
9-26-98 Ty retires the following Pillow Pals - Moo, Oink, Red, Clover, Tubby and Ribbit
9-28-98 Ty retires Stinky
9-28-98 Ty releases information on a new Ty line "Beanie Buddies
9-29-98 Ty words of wisdom announced on their site - Patience is a virtue.
9-30-98 Ty releases the following products.
Beanies: Canyon, Pumkin, Loosy, Beak, Halo, Zero, Santa, 1998 Holiday Teddy, Roam and Scorch. Beanie Buddies Jake, Peanut, Stretch, Humphrey, Beak, Cranberry Teddy, Rover, Quackers and Twigs.

Reports of a special Buddy fabric used on Buddies exclusive to Ty (Tylon)

October 1998
Ty releases the following Attic styles:
Gem, Jangle, Sterling, Isabella, Esmeralda, Laurel and Tyrone

The following is announced in the Ty diary.
We're having a party this afternoon to meet the new bear his name is Billionaire. I think we may just call him Billy. I'm so excited to meet him. We're going to decorate the playroom. Princess and Erin are going to bake some cookies. I wonder what kind they'll make? I hope chocolate chip! I'm sure they will be good no matter what kind they are. Hey! Maybe I can help with baking the cookies! I think it's fun to help in the kitchen, don't you? I'll talk to you later!

Ty experiences problems with Imperial Toy over Roary the lion. Imperial calms that Ty used the name of one of their styles "Roary".
Imperial distributed a Lion by the name of Roary in 1996. Ty released their bean bag Roary in May 1997.

10-18-98 Chocolate the moose will be given out today to the Oilers and Bengals game.

10-20-98 Ty makes a special announcement regarding pricing.

Ty's pricing philosophy is permanently posted on our website for consumers and Ty accounts to refer to at any time. Situations we currently observed in the marketplace compel us to reiterate this position.
BEANIE BABIES ® plush styles are designed for children to collect and are priced to sell around $5.00
This includes all current styles, new product introductions, as well as high demand items such as Princess, Erin, Fortune, Peace, Glory, Valentiono, Curly, ect. We expect every Ty account to place every Beanie Baby style shipped on their shelves so that each customer has the opportunity to purchase every style that we produce and each style that they want.

One more time: If we ship it and it's current on the www.ty.com, it should be on the shelf for around $5.00! NO exceptions, anywhere, anytime, by any Ty direct account.

10-21-98 Ty announces a new shipping policy.


It is our desire to make available enough of our product for all consumers to purchase at a fair price. However, currently the demand for our product far exceeds our supply. For this reason, we're instituting a new shipping policy. We will ship our product to accounts that are our most supportive first. Once we've done this - any remaining product will be shipped to our other accounts.

10-21-98 - BBOC releases information on how to contact them 1-806-741-0815 bboc@cyrk.com

10-24-98 - Reports surfacing about a change in Batty. This Beanie has been redesigned and is now tie-dyed.

10-29-98 NEWSFLASH from Ty

We are proud of our commitment to consumers. As we make decisions regarding our company's policies and philosophies, , we think first of what's best for the Ty consumer. Although people of all ages enjoy our products, Beanie Babies plush were designed for children and the child in all of us. Decisions that we feel are right for the consumer may not always be popular with our Ty direct retailers. Sometimes these decisions are difficult…but we are convinced they are for the best.

Our pricing philosophy states we would like all current Beanie Baby plush styles priced around $5.00. We feel this provides a fair profit for retailers and that this price makes our product affordable for children.

We work very hard to provide product that is innovative in design, is affordable and represents the finest quality and value in the industry. We take pride in the fact that you, our consumer, can trust the Ty brand. To guard that thrust, it is imperative that we protect our copyrights and trademarks. Therefore, we are extremely aggressive in our pursuit of infringes. We fully support the right of our retailers to carry competitive bean bag plush animals. Competition is fine…copying is not.

It is our desire to have all styles of our product on the retailer's shelved available for consumers to purchase. For this reason, we discourage our Ty direct retailers from selling on the Internet. We believe that the majority of our consumers still prefer to visit their neighborhood store to purchase Ty products. In addition, Beanie Babies plush that appear for sale on the Internet are often purchased through secondary dealers whose sources are difficult, if not impossible, to verify. Although we trust that our Ty direct retailers would not knowingly sell counterfeit product, a consumer could incorrectly assume that product sold on the Internet was supplied by Ty instead of by a secondary market dealer. Therefore, it is our policy that all our Ty direct retailers do not sell product on the Internet.

Our shipping policy states that we will ship accounts that support Ty's philosophies first. Once again, this was a decision made with the consumer in mind. Unfortunately, there are retailers in the marketplace who don't share our view of what's fair for the consumer. Obviously, every retailer makes choices that they feel are right for their business. We support their right to do that. However, because we cannot manufacture enough product to supply the demand from retailers and consumers, we choose to first supply the retailers who support our commitment to our consumers.

November 1998
Rumors are already starting to surface about a possible 1999 Tennie Beanie line.

11-5-98 Ty Newsflash


Beanie Buddies are officially sold out until January 1999. Why??? Blame Tylon, the exclusive new fabric used to make Beanie Buddies!

Tylon is the sofest, most luxurious man-made fabric in the world. Tylon was developed by Ty Warner over a 2 year period and combines the advancement technologies of Japan, Korea and China. The manufacturing process of Tylon is very complex, as it moved from one country to another before a single bolt is finished. Therefore, the very best is not very fast…but Ty thinks it's definitely worth the wait!

The "Original 9" Beanie Buddies introduced and ordered in October will be shipped in November and December throughout the USA, Canada and Europe.

Beanie Buddies are made with Ty Tylon and retail for $10.00

Tylon is a registered trademark owned by Ty and exclusive to Ty.

Retirements may be anticipated.

11-98 Mackenzie the Canadian exclusive attic is arriving in Canada.
11-98 Attic collectible "Jack" can now be found in England.

Ty Trading Cards are hotter than ever.

11-24-98 The Saint Louis Blues will be dispensing Gobbles at tonight's game. Better get there in a hurry to pick up your turkey. As far as I'm aware, no official number has been released as too how many will be distributed.

11-25-98 BBOC makes an announcement and has added two features to their website.
BBOC complaint form and BBOC Online Order Form. Members can now print an online form to order Clubby.

11-25-98 Ty Newsflash

BEWARE OF UNAUTHORIZED PROMOTION - Please be advised that the following promotions ate NOT AUTHORIZED and NOT ENDORSED by Ty, Inc. Product distributed at these events was not purchased directly from Ty and will not be authenticated by Ty.

December 1998
12-1-98 Ty retires 1998 Teddy, Santa and Zero. The puzzle indicates that there are more retirements to come.

Ty Announcement

Surprise! Guess What? We're letting you know, one month in advance, so your collection can grow.
The countdown's begun so don't hesitate. Get out to the store before you're too late. This is our promise, our guarantee, NEVER again, in stores will they be. Our final good-bye to our retiree's, will be December 31st NEW YEAR'S EVE!

12-2-98 Ty retires the following:
Scoop, Stinger, Fetch and Laurel the Attic.

12-3-98 Ty retires Valentino

12-4-98 Ty retires the following,
Pumkin, Wise, Claude and Esmerelda.

12-6-98 Ty officially retires Curly.

12-7-98 Ty retires Snip, Fleece, Peter and Jangle.

12-8-98 Ty retires Congo, Spike, Pinky and Iris.

12-9-98 Ty retires Rose, Bongo and Frickles.

12-10-98 Ty retires Twigs Beanie Buddy.

12-13-98 Ty officially releases a list all remaining retires.

Beanie Buddy - Twigs
Beanie Babies - 1998 Holiday Teddy, Ants, Bongo, Chocolate, Claude, Congo, Curly, Doby, Dotty, Fetch, Fleece, Glory, Nuts, Pinky, Pumkin, Roary, Santa, Scoop, Snip, Spike, Stinger, Tuffy, Valentino, Wise and Zero.
Attic Treasures - Rose, Peter, Laurel, Ivy and Esmeralda

12-98 Ty Rep. Bear. Reports indicate that only 243 bears were manufactured. Ty Warner autographed the bears, which are hand numbered.

The tag on the bear is as follows:

In appreciation of selling over
several billion dollars during 1998
and achieving the industry ranking of:
#1 in gift sales
#1 in collectible sales
#1 in cash register area sales
#1 in markup percentage
I present to you
this signed and numbered bear.

12-98 Series # 1 Trading cards are sold out. Series II Trading cards are not expected until March.

12-16-98 Ty Newsflash


Ty Disclaims Sales To Direct Stores And Mass Merchants

Ty, Inc., manufacture of the Original Beanie Babies plush toys, advises consumers that it does not sell to wholesale, discount stores or mass merchants, including the following:

Albertson's, Costco, Fred Meyer, Jewel/Osco, Kay Bee Toys, Kroger and Long Drugs.

In the best interest of our customers, Ty, Inc. recommends that Beanie Babies plush toys only be purchased through our network of authorized Ty dealers. Should a customer choose to purchase their Beanie Babies plush toys through an unauthorized outlet, such as those listed above, please be advised that Ty cannot and will not guarantee the authenticity or quality of the product.

Our best advise to our customers considering purchases of Ty, Inc. product from these stores is simple ..buyer beware!

12-17-98 Ty releases Beanie Baby Cursors.

12-98 Beanie Buddies have undergone a tush tag change.

12-24-98 Ty Newsflash

Beanie Babies Official Club Kit Retires! Today, the First Edition BBOC Membership Kit has been retired. No more Gold Charter Membership Kits will be made. Look for the second Edition BBOC Membership Kit coming in early 1999. It will be full of new surprises and exclusive offers.

January 1999
Ty releases 24 New Beanie Styles
1999 Signature Bear, Butch the terrier, Eggbert the baby chick, Ewey the lamb, Fuzz the bear, Goochy the Tie-dyed jelly fish, Goatee the mountain goat, Germania the exclusive German bear, Hippie the tie-dyed bunny, Hope the praying bear, Kicks the soccer bear, Luke the black Labrador retriever, Mac the cardinal, Millennium the bear, Mooch the spider monkey, Nibbler the rabbit, Nibbly the rabbit, Prickles the hedgehog, Sammy the bear, Scat the cat, Slippery the seal, Stilts the stork, Tiny the Chihuahua, Valentina the bear.

Buddies - Bongo, Bubbles, Chilly, Chip, Erin, Hippity, Patti, Peking, Pinky, Smoochy, Snort, Squealer, Tracker and Waddle.

Pillow Pals - Antlers, Baba, Carrots, Chewy, Huggy, Kolala, Meow, Paddles, Ribbit, Rusty, Sherbert, Snap, Squirt, Swinger and Woof.

Attic Treasures: Azalea, Beezee, Bugsy, Camelia, Cawley, Georgette, Georgia, Gordon, Heartley, Radcliffe, Ramsey and Skylar.

Ordering information is as follows: Beanies 36, Buddies 6 of each style, Pillow Pals 4 each maximum, Attic Treasures - 12 od the smaller styles and 8 of the larger styles.

1-2-99 Ty updates their Beanie Baby checklist to include the new styles

Reports of the Ty tush tag being redesigned to include a hologram on one side.

1-3-99 Newsflash from Ty


New Beanie Bottom Tag!
All authentic 1999 Beanie Babies will have a morphing hologram and disappearing ink on each Beanie bottom tag (tush tag)

1-8-99 Tags have a new UK address.
Old tag style
Ty, Europe, Ltd.
Fareham, Hants
PO15 5Tx

The new Tag address is as follows:
Ty, Europe
Gasport, Hampshire, U.K.

1-12-99 1999 Official Platinum Collectors Kits Include the following:
Exclusive bear, which comes included with the kit. No more filling out cards and mailings. No more waiting and wondering. Get your Clubby on the spot!
Vinyl carrier
Pocket checklist
Membership certificate
Platinum set of Beanie Cards
Platinum collector coin
The entire kit with all of the above contents sell for $20.00 - These kits are not expected to ship until sometime in May.

February 1999
BBOC Retires Clubby

Reports of McDonalds Teenie Beanies are starting to surface.

12-15-99 BBOC Newsflash

Important notice to BBOC Members! Due to overwhelming demand for Clubby, the Beanie Baby Official Club has extended the Clubby deadline to March 15, 1999, in order to accommodate the loyal Club members.

Ty makes a surprise retirement announcement: The following styles will retire on March 31st 1999

February 28th ... Beanies: Gobbles, Prance, Iggy, Rainbow, Spunky and Pugsley

February 27th ... Beanies: Nanook, Batty, Pounce, Smoochy, Hissy, Stretch;
Attics: Casanova

February 26th ... Beanies: Strut, Chip, Pouch, Mel;
Buddies: Beak;
Attics: Skylar

March 1999
Series Two Ty Trading cards are starting to make their way into retail stores.

Ty purchases the Four Seasons Hotel in New York.

Ty, Warner, CEO and owner of Ty, Inc. announced today the purchase of the Four Seasons Hotel in New York, from a consortium of Hong Kong investors.
The purchase price for the hotel was reported at $275 million.

Teenie Beanie Promotion News is finally released.
12 New Teenie Beanies and 4 International Bears.
Details are still sketchy at this point, look for more details soon.

Reports of Series Two cards already sold out. Hmmm, this batch went real quick. Only time will tell.


"Be sure to watch the Rosie O'Donnell Show on Wednesday, March 31, 1999 (check your local listings for time and channel) to check out the best Beanie Baby Collection ever! Sign on the RosieO.com to get the Rosie Charity Auction and bid on a one of a kind Beanie desk, fabulous Beanies and other Ty Collectibles!"

The show caught the attention of many! It was exciting to watch the unveiling of Clubby II. The kits are well designed and Ty has signed all of them.
There was a remarkable desk covered in Beanies, which would be auctioned off for charity.
Some of the other items, which were auctioned off, included the following.
Glory and Erin Beanie Babies signed by Rosie.
Signed series one Beanie Baby Collectors Cards.
Signed Billion Dollar Bear
Signed Billion Dollar Bear Card
Autographed Cranberry Prototype Beanie Baby and Buddy

Rosie O' and Ty Auctions have ENDED.
This auction proved to be very successful and will benefit a lot of children. Way to go Ty and Rosie!

One of a Kind Rosie O'Beanie Desk - $36,600.00 total

Autographed Platinum BBOC kits - $24,005.00 total was raised

Autographed OF Cranberry prototype and Cranberry Beanie Buddy - $8,600.00 total

Autographed Billionaire bear and Series 2 Trading card - $15,000.00 total

Set of Series 1 BBOC Trading Cards/Spot without a Spot signed Ty card -
$17,101.01 total

Set of Series 2 BBOC Trading Cards/#1 Bear Card signed by Ty Warner -
$24,222.02 total

BBOC Collector posters signed by Ty Warner - $14,406.00 total

April 1999
Ty officially announces The release of FUZZ the Beanie Buddy.

4-8-99 Ty releases three new styles:
Neon the seahorse
Eucalyptus the koala
Pecan the gold bear

4-9-99 Ty releases three new styles:
Paul the walrus a Beanie Baby
Millenium the Beanie Buddy
Rafaella the Attic Treasure

4-12-99 Ty announces a new Attic Treasure:

4-13-99 Ty makes an announcement that Princess the Beanie Baby is now officially retired.

4-14-99 Ty announces two more Beanie styles and one additional Attic Treasure:
Swirly the snail Beanie Baby
Knuckles the pig Beanie Baby
Allara the Attic Treasure

4-16-99 Ty makes another announcement about a new Beanie and Buddy release.
Tiptoe the mouse
Jabber the Buddy

4-17-99 Ty announces two more Beanies and one more Attic Treasure:
Cheeks the baboon
Osito the Mexican Bear
Susanna Attic Treasure

4-19-99 Ty announces another Beanie and Buddy:
Almond the bear - Beanie
Hope the bear - Buddy

4-20-99 Ty once again makes a announce of new releases:
Beanie - Amber the cat
The following are new Attic Treasure styles:
Azure, Lawrence, Brisbane and Malcolm

4-21-99 Ty is not finished yet!!
Welcome the following new Beanie and Attic Treasures.
Silver the cat - Beanie
Fairbacks and Breezy - Attic Treasures

4-22-99 Ty announces again!
Beanie - Wiser the Owl 1999 Graduation
Attic Treasures are as follows:
Rosalie, Salty and Catrina.

4-23-99 Ty announces a new Buddy along with the following statement.
Princess Beanie Buddy
"All profits of Ty from the collectible will be donated to the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund"

4-24-99 Ty announces a new Beanie Baby - Please welcome Spangle

4-27-99 The NEW Ty Talk Cyberboard opens.
They offer the following categories:
Daily Times, Bright Ideas, Grins and Gripes and Mixed Bag. Ty encourages all to let it rip! This may be their way of getting feedback first hand instead of through rumors.

May 1999
Reports of the UK version of Happy the Hippo Teenie Beanie is being called Percival.
Bongo is selling under the name Mitch.

Beaniemom post a special McDonalds Employee Flyer.
The flyer indicates that employees will receive a special Glory Teenie Beanie bear after the promotion.

Buddy tush tag change:
Two changes have taken place. The front side of the tag now reads - "Shell 100% Tylon"
The back side of the tag has been changed from "simple contents" to "Inner contents".

5-13-99 McDonalds officially announces the 1999 Teenie Beanies on their website. www.mcdonalds.com

May 1999 retirements from Ty
Mystic on May 18th
Erin on May 21st
Attics Sterling and Camelia on May 24th
Derby on May 26th
Stilts on May 31st

June News: 1999

Ty releases his Summer Show exclusives on June 26th

Lips the fish
Flitter the butterfly
And Birthday bear

Beanie Buddies - Inch and Schweetheart

Pillow Pal - Sparkler

July News: 1999
Ty retires - Maple on July 30th.
Ty retires - Bugsy on July 29th
Ty retires - Eggbert on July 28th.
Ty retires - Patti Buddy on July 27th.
Ty retires - Britannia on July 26th.
Ty retires - Quackers Buddy on July 21st.
Ty retires - Nibbly on July 20th.
Ty retires - Ewey on July 19th.
Ty retires - Peace on July 14th
Ty retires - Ivan and Peppermint retire on July
Ty retires - Hippie on July 12th
Ty retires - Nibbler on July 9th

TY INC. DONATES $1 MILLION TO RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE CHARITIES® Beanie Babies® Toymaker Awards Gift At Local "Birthday Party" (CHICAGO, Aug. 24) - Ty Inc., makers of the popular Beanie Babies stuffed toys, has presented Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) with a $1 million donation.

"We're proud to be able to help Ronald McDonald House Charities," said Michael Kanzler, Ty's Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. "Ty families and Ronald McDonald House Charities families share a common vision -- that children around the world be healthy and happy."

Said Marty Coyne, vice president of development for RMHC: "We can't thank the folks at Ty enough for their generosity -- we'll be able to help a lot of kids with their donation. We're looking forward to a continued and longstanding friendship with Ty."

The donation was made Monday at a children's party at the Navy Pier McDonald's restaurant in Chicago, celebrating the birthday of a local Chapter of RMHC. The festive event included special appearances by McDonald's characters and by Jade Smalls, Miss Illinois 1999. Smalls, 21, last month teamed up with RMHC to help promote suicide prevention, her platform issue and an issue long supported by RMHC.

Party guests included young people representing charities that have benefited from past local RMHC grants including the Chicago Housing Authority, El Hogar del Nino, Illinois Special Olympics, St. Joseph's Carondelet Child Care Center and Urban Family Community Centers.

Ronald McDonald House Charities provides comfort and care to children and families through its network of local Charities currently serving in 32 countries. The Charity makes grants to not-for-profit organizations, and provides support to Ronald McDonald Houses worldwide. To date, RMHC's national body and its global network of local Charities has awarded more than $200 million in grants to children's programs worldwide.

The Ronald McDonald House program has provided a "home-away-from-home" for nearly two million family members since its inception in 1974. By the end of 1999, there will be 208 Ronald McDonald Houses open in 19 countries, including the first Houses in Hungary, Malaysia, Mexico and Northern Ireland/UK.

August 1999
News of Britannia Buddies being shipped are rumors.
Ty has NOT shipped any Britannia buddies. If there is such an item made by Ty it is not released and any that appear are either counterfeits or stolen.

August 24th Ty retires Fortune

Beanie Baby question asked on Miss. Teen USA Pageant: Question: If you owned Fleece, Hope or Seaweed, which one would you give up? Reply - Hope, so that it may bring Hope to others.
Miss. Delaware owns 115 Beanie Babies, she loves them!!

August 27th - Ty retires Wiser the owl

August 27th - Ty retires the Ty Guestbook on the Ty Talk Cyberboard.
Beginning in October, Ty.com will be available in the German and Japanese languages.

August 31st - Ty retires Attic Treasure Grant

August 31st - 12:03 AM / EST Ty's website went totally BLACK!!!
Ty sure knows how to make a grand entrance.

August 31st -
Aug 31 1999 16:13:06 EDT
Ty's New Releases
The following "Newbies" can be ordered/shipped in September:
"Chipper" - chipmunk
"Scaly" - lizard
"Slowpoke" - sloth
"Sheets" - ghost
"Honks" - goose
"Wallace" - bear
"Groovy" - bear
"Ty 2K" - bear
"1999 Holiday Teddy" - bear
"The End" - black bear

"Amber" - cat
"Silver" - cat
"Fetch" - dog
"Slither" - snake
"Spinner" - spider
"Pumkin'" - pumpkin
"Gobbles" - turkey
"Snowboy" - snowboy
"Halo" - bear
"Spangle" - bear
"Peace" - bear
"Britannia" - bear (UK Exclusive)
"Maple" - bear (Canada Exclusive)

"Tyra" - bear
"Waddlesworth" - penguin
"Spruce" - bear
"Beargundy" - bear
"Cheri" - poodle
"Orion" - bear
"Bearkhardt" - bear
"Gwyndolyn" - bear

September 1999
September 1st - Ty retires Loosy
Many collectors are confused and concerned over Ty's Latest announcement.

Collectors are researching news and data basis looking for clues. There are reports surfacing about Ty registering the names Bean E Bear, Bean E Baby and others.

By The Associated Press CHICAGO (AP) - The maker of the Beanie Babies is saying it plans to ``retire'' them all by the end of the year, marking possible end to one of the hottest crazes of the decade.
Or does it? After an enigmatic posting on the Ty Inc. Web site Tuesday, toy experts pondered whether it was simply a marketing ploy to revive a market that has steadily been losing interest in the plush, pellet-filled
animal toys.
Since Ty began selling the toys in 1993, the privately owned company has distributed more than 100 characters, from dinosaurs and teddy bears to birds and zoo animals. The company's revenue was estimated at just $1.7 million in 1995 but had ballooned to $674 million by last year, according to NPD Group Inc., a market research firm.

No more Beanie Babies? Panic grips parents: "I just can't imagine it's a gimmick," Chris Byrne, a consultant and editor of the Toy Report newsletter, told the Times. "The backlash from Beanie collectors, people who really invested a lot to build their collections would be huge."
Stone said he had mixed feelings about seeing Beanie Babies go to pasture. "There are pros and cons. It has been a difficult item to carry in the store, because of the demand from people. It seems like the majority of our time is spent either answering calls from people asking about Beanie Babies, or answering questions from customers in the store about them. I'd say we get more phone calls over Beanie Babies than anything else. In one 8-hour period, we kept track, and we had 132 phone calls about Beanie Babies alone.
"The people that collect (Beanie Babies) are very serious collectors. When hey come to the store, they're there for that purpose alone - to buy Beanie Babies. They're very dedicated." http://www.desnews.com/dn/view/1,1249,115006549,00.html?

September 3rd - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TY

One of my viewers shares their prospective on Ty's latest Master Plan. I feel this person has a very clear prospective on the market and Ty History.

Ty Warner: The Next Step In His Master Plan It seemed like a normal day in mid-August when a newsflash appeared on the Ty website. It explained that a major newsflash would occur on Aug. 31 and because of its content, no orders would be taken for September. Well the suspense built up and sure enough there were rumors all over the internet and the Ty Cyberboard. People thought all beanies would be retired or that Ty was retiring and moving to California. Other people said it would just be more introductions. Little did we know Ty had all of that and more in his plan.
The rumors and talk continued to fly around. Then August 31st came around. Many people went to Ty's site early to see if the announcement would be made in the early morning, but it wasn't. Then in the morning, Ty's site went black. This only added to the suspense. At about 3:00 pm (est) Ty came through and the result was 10 new Beanies, more new Buddies, attic treasures, and plush. Then at the bottom of the newsflash was the message that said that all beanies including the newest ones, would be retired Dec. 31st and 11:59. The newsflash also stated priority to certain retailers. This just about did it and the world of Beanie Babies would never be the same.
The confusion was tremendous. No pictures of the newbies had been posted but most of all, the fate of beanie babies was unknown. Ty left the doors open for rumors once again. CNN, nightly news shows, The Today Show, and newspapers all discussed the latest news. Would there be any beanie babies after 1999? A new beanie "The End" speculated beanies were over. In the past beanies had died out a little, but after Ty's announcement, you'd think it was Spring of '97 again.
Soon the markets went wild. If all the Beanies were being retired people had to stock up on beanies! Prices rose and the stores were crowded as people picked up extras. Signs in the windows of stores read "All Beanies
Will Retired December 31st" The fate of Beanies, Buddies and the Ty Company was blurry. Would Beanies live on? September 1st---The Ty announcement disappear. Loosy the goose is retired to make way for the newbie, "Honks." The Cyberboard goes wild again.
Then Ms. Janie, posted a memo on her site that was from Ty to the employees, It seemed as if Ty was stated Beanies would not end. The Cyberboard goes wild yet another time.
Now as I write this it's September 4th and we still haven't seen any pictures of the new beanies. Ty has not issued any clarification about his announcement. The BBOC newsflash has replaced the Aug. 31st newsflash and Ty has not posted any clues in the Info Beanie's diary.
Is this the end of beanies? I don't think so. A multi-million dollar company would not just end like that. What it does mean------Another part of Ty Warner's master plan is underway. You can be sure there are a whole bunch of surprises on the way! Ty loves the commotion and confusion brought about by these newsflashes. Right now Ty is the only who knows what the future of TY PRODUCTS is..........The story, suspense, and the mystery continues............
THANK YOU! For your Wonderful Insight. Ms. Janie

September 14, 1999 - Bean Bag World reports the following: Ty employees were presented with a special Beanie™ bear, Billionaire™ #2, cranberry in color with a double $$ embroidered in gold on its chest. Each hang tag was individually signed with a gold ink pen by Ty Warner. The original Billionaire™ Bear was given at last year's employee picnic and currently has a market value of anywhere between $1500-$3000.

September 15, 1999 Ty post pictures of new releases.

September 17, 1999 - Ty post an notice on their site that they now offer German and Japanese Text.

Beaniemom reports on a tag error found on the Billion Dollar Bear. The word original was spelt "Origiinal"! I wonder if Ty will reissue this bear with a corrected tag?

Special News Tip from Sly the Beanie guy! Sly reports that Lips the fish is now showing up with "Tiny" hangtags. Sly also reports that some of the older style Beanies are now showing up with the newer version tush tags.
"Thanks Sly for sharing this interesting news"

The following Press Release was issued, unfortuantly, they got the wrong Company. Ty is not serving up Beanies for breakfast. KELLOGG TO DISH UP MINI BEANIE BABIES FOR KIDS

I have been receiving many reports of Beanies being sold in grocery stores. This week alone I witnessed Beanie in my own grocery store. I do not want to alarm any of you but I do want to remind you of Ty's warning.
Ty will not guarantee any of their products that are not sold by Ty retailers.

September 18, 1999 - Yesterday I learned that even the press makes mistakes. Oh, I realize that the press has always been famous for putting words into people's mouths, but I can honestly say that it is rare when a whole story is written and ends up with the wrong Company Information.
I will say that I had serious doubts about the report because of the agreement between Ty and McDonalds. But, it was news and there was a link into an article. I guess that's why we call them mistakes!!!
A very special member of my list sent the following note. I think this should clear up the matter rather nicely. Thanks Sue for sharing your information.
Hi Ms. Janie,
FYI - My daughter works in the buying office of a grocery store chain and
received two complimentary Kellogg's mini beanies for the 2000 promotions.
These beanies will be characters of Sesame Street and are
made exclusively for Kellogg's by Create Promotion. Each character
resembles the Jim Henson characters from Sesame Street, come with a tush tag, and hang tag with fun facts. ie; " Twiddlebug #4 - live in Ernie's
flower box and their furniture and toys are made from things you find
around the house."
Hope this helps.
And thanks for your great news letter.
Sue, MA

Forbes magazine says the 400 richest Americans for the first time are collectively worth more than $1 trillion, a figure greater than the gross domestic product of China. Coming in at number 33 is Ty Warner.

The Cubs and Pirates game was more than spectators bargained for! Not only did the crowd get to see Sammy Sosa (61 Home Run Hitter) They also received a special commemorative Millenium Beanie Baby.
The Millenium bears were handed out as you entered the stadium.
The announcer thanked the good folks at Ty for another wonderful Beanie promotion.
Special notice:
Ty Beanie Babies presents a day to remember. Millennium Beanie Baby Day.
Two banners were flown over the station: One banner said (It's fun for everyone) and the second banner said (Thanks for the memories)
The Millennium which were given out at the stadium has one (N) on the hang and tush tags with a solid gold sparkle ribbon. The commemorative card has (Two N's on the card) This bear is already making its appearance on ebay.

October 1999
October 1st Newsflash from TY.

Rumors regarding 2000 product introductions are nothing but that ..... rumors! Any information that is circulating concerning Ty Inc.'s 2000 product should not be believed. Believe me, only one person knows what will happen at the start of the new millenium. Please be patient and DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ!!

October 1st Another Ty Newsflash:
To all direct Ty accounts that foolishly think they can trust the secondary market dealers to whom they trans-ship, you should know that these very dealers may be providing Ty with information about you, including canceled checks. Case in point - three Hallmark locations are being closed after we received evidence of trans-shipping. The secondary market dealer was kind enough to include canceled checks to the Ty account totaling nearly $10,000, as well as various invoices and other documents received from the account.
We at Ty take our policy against trans-shipping very seriously, and we are committed to the vigorous enforcement of this policy. We are not going to continue to do business with accounts who continue to violate our policy against trans-shipping. Because of ongoing investigations, we expect more stores to lose their Ty accounts because of trans-shipping within the next few weeks.
Is trans-shipping worth the risk? We bet there are three Hallmark stores that don't think so today!!!

From Beaniemom - www.beaniemom.com - A Ty retailer shares . . . Ty is shipping only 5 Snowy to each store instead of 6. Snowy is so large, Ty can only get 5 in a box. His name is Snowy the snowboy. The Ty invoices and packing slips say Snowy. Also the Ty Customer Service
representative called it Snowy. When I asked why she called it Snowy, she said that the Ty catalog was a misprint and his name was "Snowy." *** To clarify, I knew when I posted this information that the swing tag stated Snowboy and not Snowy. I wanted to demonstrate to collectors that there was a name discrepancy between the Beanie Buddy tag and the name Ty is using within their computer system for this item.

Reports that Ty has shipped Buddies and collectors are starting to receive them. The tags read as follows: Clubby: Clubby the BEANIE BABY was not only the first BBOC Bear but also the first to wear a button!
Clubby II: Clubby II the BEANIE BABY was the first to be included in a BBOC kit!

October 5th Newsflash from TY
To ensure that all BBOC Members have the opportunity to order the
Members Only Exclusive Offers, the BBOC will be extending the
Clubby™ Beanie Buddy™ and Clubby II™ Beanie Buddy™ offers through Friday, December 3, 1999.

The BBOC now offers a special Screen Saver.

October 6th Newsflash from TY:
As a follow-up to our previous warning, we have now closed over 125 additional Hallmark franchise locations that were in violation of our policy against trans-shipping.
We will use all available resources to root out and close accounts that trans-ship. Shipping records and financial receipts create trails, and all leads will be thoroughly investigated as we continue our efforts. Accounts that want continued shipments of Ty products should think long and hard before trans-shipping.

We hope that our accounts take our warnings seriously, because we at Ty take our policy against trans-shipping seriously.

October 8th - Announcement from Ty
Ty makes an announcement on Friday that their site can now be viewed in Spanish and French. They sure are working hard to introduce their products to other countries. This is another sign that they will NOT be closing up shop anytime soon.

Ty's actions speaks loud and clear!
Think twice about copying their design, it could cost you a bundle.
Salvino's lost their case against Ty and had to redesign their bears and pay a settlement of 5.3 million

October 14th - The BBOC has included new games on their site. They include crossword puzzles, coloring, mazes and more. Make sure to have your password ready, then join in on the fun!

October 14h - Ty Cyberboard Announcement
It has come to my attention that a claim was made about one of our independent sales representatives pressuring an account into buying more Beanies than the account wanted or needed. Please be assured that Ty Inc. does not want to pressure any account into over purchasing. If any account feels that they are being threatened coerced, or unduly pressured, we want to know about it. You can let us know by either posting in the Grins and Gripes section of our Ty Talk Cyberboard or you may e-mail us directly at Namenames@tymail.com.
Ty account priority status is dependent upon an account following our suggested guidelines of:
1.Visual representation - Ty products on display in a prime location.
2.Pricing - Beanies/ Attics $5 - $7
Everything else $10 (except oversized plush)
Ty Warner

October 15th - Newsflash from TY

Ty Inc. is committed to protecting consumers against counterfeit Beanie Babies® plush toys. That is why we recommend that you buy our products from authorized accounts, not from secondary market dealers. There is no guarantee that Beanie Babies® toys purchased from secondary market dealers are authentic Ty products.
In keeping with our commitment, we sued Walgreen's, a nationwide discount pharmacy chain that is not an authorized distributor of Ty Inc. for, among other counts, selling counterfeit Beanie Babies® toys that it purchased on the secondary market. We recently settled our claims and, as part of that settlement, after a short sell-off period, Walgreen's has agreed never to sell Beanie Babies® plush again.

Please remember that if you choose to purchase Beanie Babies® plush from secondary market dealers, and not from Ty authorized accounts, Ty Inc. cannot vouch for the authenticity of these products.

October 19th -
Yesterday's Rosie Show: Rosie started the show with the Ty 2K bear on her desk along with The End Bear. She also had Rock and Roll Elmo and Rock and Roll Ernie. She announced that everyone in the audience would get one or the other. They also will be signed and posted on ebay.com. Everyone in the audience will also get a Ty2K and a The End Bear. these bears along with others have been posted on Ebay for auction.

October 19th - Ty makes a surprise announcement and retires Tyra the Attic Treasure

October 19th - Ty is getting ready for Halloween
Enter a Beanie costume contest Or print a colorful Halloween picture to view or print a black and white
copy to color.

October 20th - Ty post an announcement about Blue Faced Spangle Coming soon to your favorite authorized Ty dealer ..Blue Faced Spangle!!!

October 21st - Ty retires Tiptoe the mouse.

October 22nd Press Release from Ty:

Ty Inc.'s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Michael W. Kanzler, will present a check for $1,802,250.27 to the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund in London on October 26, 1999. Since 1998, Ty Inc. has donated over $20,890,858.51 to the Fund. All of Ty Inc.'s profits from the original purchase of the Princess Beanie Baby® and Princes Beanie Buddy® are donated to the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund to carry on the work of the late Princess Diana.

The popular Princess Beanie Baby® was launched on October 29, 1997 and retired on April 13, 1999, however Beanie collectors are still excited when they come across one. Ty Inc. launched the larger plush toy Princess Beanie Buddy® in April of 1999. Charities with which Diana was formally associated have received grants to help and support those organizations. Mr. Kanzler will travel to London in late October to visit the Fund and the Osteopathic Centre for Children's Hospital, one of late Princess' charities and see
first hand some of the benefits of the company's contributions.

Rumors are true two different bow ties have been found on The End Bear. The US version is Gold while the Canadian version is copper tone.

October 25th - Ty retires the 1999 Ty Signature Bear

October 27th 1999 - Ty retires Eucalyptus

11-10-99 The BBOC Clubby Buddy Exclusive Offer is now available online for residents of the United Kingdom. Log on to the BBOC to place your order today.

11-12-99 Ty Retires Millennium Beanie Baby

11-17-99 Ty retires Cranberry Buddy

11-19-99 Ty retires Erin and Millennium Buddies and Halo the Beanie Baby.

11-24-99 Ty Retires Smoocky, Chilly and Squealer Buddies

11-26-99 Ty retires Tracker Beanie Baby

11-29-99 Ty retires the following Buddies - Tracker, Bubbles and Pumkin.

11-30-99 Ty retires Osito Beanie Baby

12-4-99 Ty makes the following announcement.All good things must come to an end! The BBOC Members Only Exclusive Offer has expired. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making the BBOC™ Clubby® Buddy Offers such a success. In the event that you have any questions about an open order or an order you have already received, please e-mail us at Buddies@BBOCMail.com.

For additional Ty History, please chick here!

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