I am a Beanie collector who has found many mistakes on Beanie Babies as well as Teenie Beanies. I have been given the opportunity to work with web sites on a regular basis.

Because of this opportunity and as a collector of Beanie Babies, I have been able to compile the following information. If you ever find any Bloopers and Blunders you would like to share. Contact Janie - j81459@erols.com Information regarding Teenie Beanies has been supplied by employees of McDonalds, friends and found on my own personal collections.

Typesetting errors on Ty’s Tags and Poems.

Bernie - with BEMIE sewn in tag.

Blizzard - with a Freckles tush tag.

Bones - with a Peanut tush tag.

Bubbles - Grunt tush tag.

Chip with Cubbie tush tag.

Chocolate the moose - error as RMOOSE and MOCSE.


Claude - with a Snowball tush tag.

Curly - the word original was spelt wrong (origiinal)

Curly - with Speedys name.

Doodle - with Snip & Floppity tush tags.

Ears - Stretch hang tag.

Echo - Waves tush tag.

Flash - as Fiash

Floppity - the word original is spelt wrong (origiinal)

Freckles - with a Spooky tush tag.

Gracie - with Bugsly tush tag.

Hippity - the word original is spelt wrong (origiinal)

Hippity - with Congo tush tag.

Hoppity - the word original is spelt wrong (origiinal)

Hoppity - with Ringo tush tag.

Hissy - with a Wrinkles tush tag.

Hoot’s poem - Hoot’s qutie wise - should be quite.

Inky - with Gobbles tush tag.

Magic - with a Batty swing tag.

Magic - with Gracie heart tag.

Manny’s poem - "She likes to twirl and LIKE to bow." Should be LIKES to bow.

Nanook - with a Quackers heart tag.

Nip - with Prance heart tag.

Nuts - with Tuffy tush tag.

Peace - sticker saying surface wash.

Lucky - as Luck

Libearty with beanie spelled as - beanine on tush tag.

Quackers - error as Quacker.

Quackers - with a Bucky tush tag.

Roary - Hang tag in all caps.

Rover - poem appears twice on one heart tag.

Scottie - instead of always being printed - it was slways.

Scoop - with a Roary tush tag.

Scoop - Bernie hang tag

Scoop - Zip hang tag

Snowman - tush tag is Cubby, heart tag is Snowball.

Spinner - with Creepy tush tag.

Spooky - Freckles hang tag.

Snort - hang tag has Tabasco's poem.

Snort - with Roary tush tag.

Snort - Canadian - with Tabasco's name and poem.

Snort - with a Weenie hang tag.

Stretch - with Ear's tush tag.

Stretch - with Bongo tush tag.

Squealer - Tag says he’ll - should say he will.

Strut - with Congo tush tag.

Tank’s poem - instead of border - it says boarder.

Tuffy - With a Doodle tush tag.

Tuffy - with Taffy tush tag.

Tusk - spelt as Tuck

Twigs - with a Bongo tush tag.

Twigs with a Garcia tush tag.

Waves - Echo tush tag.

Waves - with a Gobble tush tag.

Weenie - with a Stinky tush tag.

Wrinkles - with a Pouch swing tag.

Wrinkles - with a Stretch tush tag.

I’m sure there are many more, I just haven’t found them yet.


Bongo - was initially named "Nana"

Many individuals have been confused as to the different color tails which have been showing up on the market. My research has indicated the Bongo with the cream tail is to be considered a third generation. The Bongo with the dark tail is the forth generation.

Brownie was changed to Cubbie in 1994

Derby - has been redesigned. My original purchase of Derby has larger pieces of yarn used in the mane and tail. My new Derby which was purchased in 1997 has a fine mane. My 3rd purchase of Derby has a star on his forehead.

- there are three Derby variations: one with star, one coarse mane, one fine yarn.

Digger - was initially orange, it was retired and reintroduced in red. He kept his same name.

Doodle - Has had a name change to Strut.

Echo - Was first introduced as Waves and vice versa. This issue has been corrected.

Happy - the Hippo was gray in color -now it is lavender.

Hissy - Ty heart tag, half in pink, the other half red. The star is normal and not faded.

Inch - the worm has been designed with two different types of antennas.

It had a felt antenna, and now has a yarn antenna.

Lefty - I have obtained a Lefty without a flag. There was no information regarding this error. I contacted another Beanie expert for her opinion on price. I was told it was worth approx. $200.00 to $250.00 In my opinion, a Beanie is worth what ever you are willing to pay for it.

Inky - the Octopus was initially gray, now it is light pink.

Lizzy - was introduced as a tie dyed piece, now it is blue, red, yellow and green.

Lucky - was introduced with glued spots, now it has printed spots. There were 3 versions of Lucky.

Maple - with all white flag, no leaf.

Magic - has had a few pink different colored threads sewn into the wings.

Maple - was initially called Pride.

Mystic - was initially made with a very fine maine, my newer version has a thicker maine with less yarn.

Nip - three versions - white face and belly - belly all god and white paws - and gold body.

Peanut - was mistakenly manufactured in royal blue, today it is light blue.

Quackers - was initially designed without wings, today he has wings.

Quackers - I have a picture of a green Quackers sent from a viewer.

Sly - was first released with a brown belly, then redesigned with a white belly.

Sparky - was redesigned and name changed to Dottie.

Spooky - was temporarily named Spook.

Spot - was initially designed without a spot on his back, today the retired Spot has a circle on his back.

Strips - 3 versions - fuzzy belly, dark orange, light orange.

Tabasco - was redesigned to have Ivory colored paws and was renamed Snort.

Teddy - has been redesigned several times, old and new face, in six different colors. Now introduced is the new l997 Holiday Teddy bear.

Tank - 3 versions - 7 lines no shell, 9 lines no shell, and 9 lines with shell.

Zip - 3 versions - white face and belly, all black, Zip black body with white paws.

I have witnessed in my personal collection, the PVC pellets seem to be rather scarce. Maybe Ty put the Beanies on a diet.

Beanie from Canada are fuller and in some cases a little larger.


As you read through The Beanie Invasion, you will notice in the Canadian interview, that McDonalds Teenie Beanies were introduced in Canada before they arrived in the US.

Some of the mistakes which I have either found or which were reported to me, are as follows;

Chocolate with a Speedy tag.

Chops with no eyes.

Goldie with Chops tag.

Goldie with no eyes.

Lizz with no eyes.

Lizz without a heart tag.

Lizz with Patti tag.

Patti with Quacks tag.

Pinky with Chops tag.

Seamore with Chops tag.

Snort without heart tag.

Snort with Goldie tag.

Speedy with no tag.

Various Teenie Beanies in wrong bags.



Batty - foot where the claw should be and a claw where the foot should be.

Bernie - with an ear tush tag.

Chocolate - one antler on backwards.

Canadian Beanies - Doodle spelt in caps, - DOODLE

Flip - with no tail.

Inky - with only 7 legs.

Peace - without the Peace symbol.

Poor Mel - Mel has been spotted with his eyes placed under his nose and above his mouth.

Princess - no rose on chest.

Stretch - two left feet.

One collector reported that her l997 Holiday Teddy only had one ear. She stated that under Teddy’s hat

a ear is missing.

Tusk - tush tag on the wrong side.

Weenie - with a Stinky tush tag.

Weenie - with No eyes.

Please keep in mind, Ty is trying to keep up with an overwhelming demand for Beanies, mistakes are bound to occur from time to time. In my opinion, these mistakes make it more interesting to hunt for Beanies.

I hope that this information has been of some value.

If you ever run across any mistakes (Bloopers or Blunders) contact Janie at j81459@erols.com

I will do my best to keep all collectors informed.

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